Friday, March 2, 2012

What we Need

I am currently collecting materials to work with, much of my sculpture will be made with recyclables. There are many items that we need as we go forward, if you would like to donate any of the items on the list below please contact Thomasin at I am looking for:

6x6 pressure treated posts
Quickcrete fast-setting cement
grey exterior paint
grey Drylok paint
grey grout
pvc pipes
rebar - 4" lengths and up
Great Stuff Foam in the red can
joint compound
steel posts
cement blocks
circular saw
chicken wire
bailing wire
pink foam insulation sheets
blue glass bottles (Bud Light Platinum, anyone?)
high tensile steel cable plus turnbuckles
used tig welder
garden benches
drywall screws
galvanized screws
bolts of all sizes
lawn care services!

*The Secret Sculpture Garden is NOT a non-profit organization and gifts of materials are not deductable, I'm sorry!

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