Sunday, April 15, 2012

painting and playing post office

painting the fence

Round one of painting completed, round two will involve hurling balloons filled with paint. Yes, really. How fun is THAT gonna be?
 Some of the girls leave letters in the mailbox for me.
One of them says (spelling corrected):

"our yard is beautiful
with the paint looks more like
love poems stories in sky blue
based on what you know about love"

Another reads:

"From M***** to the Post Office by Miss Tomi.

There are new kids I showed my little brother around he said he wants to join and three more kids want to join my sister and two cousins.

Good luck,
by M***** to the post office."

The small note tells on the boys who did a little unauthorized painting around the garden.

 and an edited vid with some of the footage shot by the kids

sculpture installation and a project

Lots has been happening in the past two weeks, my schedule has kept me from blogging but here are some highlights. Yesterday I brought over two old windows from my attic, some leftover glass and ceramic tiles, and a tube of adhesive. The kids nearly finished filling in the panes of glass, and then we ran out of glue. We'll do the rest this afternoon.


  Signing the fence.

Mr. Richardson brings candy!
Chris Videll's second sculpture has been waterproofed and installed at the front of the lawn.

Stuff that will be made into other stuff.

...and a cutie-pie.